Jewelry Appraisers of America offers a number of services for the valuation, identification and assessment of any and all jewelry items. Our staff is available to help you with the decision making process before you purchase an item, the valuation of inherited items or to just identify what you have in your jewelry box.

Insurance Replacement Valuation

ServicesOur most popular service requested, an appraisal for insurance replacement purposes, is necessary to obtain insurance coverage on your most precious and highly valuable possessions, whether a new purchase or an inherited estate piece. The purpose of this appraisal is to inform the insurance company, as well as you, as to what the value of the item is based on the unique characteristics of the gemstones and precious metals that combine to make the item. The value and characteristics are used by the insurance company for replacement of the item in case of loss, theft or damage beyond repair. (Replacement policies are unique among all insurance companies, speak with your insurance provider to discuss the limitations on replacement that may be covered)

Estate Appraisals

An estate appraisal is utilized when establishing a tax liability of jewelry left in an estate for which you are the personal representative. Attorney’s handling probate will often advise you if and when this is necessary. Another use for an estate appraisal is for the equitable distribution of jewelry items left in an estate.

Customs Reports

A customs report involves documenting items that you plans to travel with overseas. Often times individuals are hard pressed to provide proof of previous ownership of their jewelry items, prior to leaving the U.S., in order to avoid import duties on items that you owned prior to departure.

Donation Reports

A donation report is necessary for non-cash charitable donations of jewelry items, in order to receive proper tax benefits for the value of the items donated.

Damage Reports

A damage report by Jewelry Appraisers of America documents damage to mountings or gemstones by excessive wear and tear. Insurance companies will many times request damage reports in order to document the damage done, and the loss in value due to damages.

Gem Identification

We can answer any questions you may have on any gemstone. If you have made a purchase online and would like to verify the gemstone that you purchased is what you received, or if you uncovered some old jewelry that you were curios about, our team of gemologists can identify and explain to you exactly what you have.

Buying Consultation

Before you spend a sizeable amount on a purchase that lasts a lifetime, it is necessary to have an expert take a look at the item you have in mind, and give you their unbiased opinion on the value and quality of the item.

Expert Witness/Legal Testimony

Jewelry Aprraisers of America’s team of Graduate Gemologists are available to travel and provided their expert opinion on the items in question, and assist in providing the most accurate information as assistance in a litigation settlement.

Fair Market Value Appraisal

Provided as a “reserve” value for items that you are attempting to sell. This value is a dollar amount that you could expect to receive for your items based on current market conditions (which fluctuate constantly throughout the year).

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