Buying or receiving jewelry items can leave individuals with a lot of question and thought about the item’s quality, authenticity and value. There are also many factors that go into the upkeep and updates necessary to keep jewelry in top condition and appraisals for insurance purposes, relevant and up to date

How often should I have my appraisal updated?

It is recommended that you have your items appraised immediately after purchase by an independent gemological appraiser, to attain insurance on your items. Updates should be done annually to verify that the value listed has not been affected by inflation or fluctuating prices in the precious metal or precious stone markets, leading to you over or under insuring your items.

How long does the appraisal process take?

It really depends on how elaborate the item is. If you are visiting our office most items will take approximately 20 minutes. Items that are mailed in for appraisals or evaluations can take from 5-7 days.

Shouldn’t the jewelry store I purchased my items from provide me with an appraisal?

The bottom line is that jewelers are not appraisers, and valuations from the seller can inevitably contain a bit of bias. It is always best to find out as much information and the true value of your items from a third party appraiser who has no reason for bias one way or the other as to the value of your jewelry items.

What insurance companies recognize your appraisals?

Most every insurance company recognizes Jewelry Appraisers of America appraisals, as a true and accurate statement of your jewelry items true value and accurate description of its characteristics.

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